[Mesa-dev] merging compiler.h, util/macros.h and p_compiler.h

Brian Paul brianp at vmware.com
Fri Feb 27 17:12:45 PST 2015

These three files all define macros in the same vein and are useful 
everywhere.  I'd like to replace them with a common util/compiler.h 
file.  There's already some overlap in these files.  Take a look at them 
and let me know if there's any concerns.

I think a few things could be factored out into new files:

util/endian.h would have the CPU_TO_LE32(), LE32_TO_CPU, 
MESA_BIG_ENDIAN, MESA_LITTLE_ENDIAN defines.  These are used in only a 
handful of source files.

On the gallium side, I'd keep p_compiler.h but it would just include 
util/compiler.h and add a few simple things (like "#define INLINE 
inline", PIPE_DEPRECATED, etc).

Also, in p_compiler.h there's some macros that aren't part of the 
gallium interface that I think could be moved into 

* move PIPE_ALIGN_TYPE,VAR,STACK macros into new u_align_var.h
* move PIPE_READ_WRITE_BARRIER() into new u_barrier.h

Sound OK?


PS: Anyone building on AIX?  If not, there's a little AIX code in 
compiler.h that could be tossed.

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