[Mesa-dev] [RFC] DRI3 support for EGL

Eero Tamminen eero.t.tamminen at intel.com
Wed Jul 1 09:10:20 PDT 2015


Does this address comments raised for the 2014 EGL/DRI3 patch:

	- Eero

On 07/01/2015 06:31 PM, Boyan Ding wrote:
> The patch that follows implements DRI3 support for EGL API. Most of the
> code is directly ported from dri3_glx.c, with changes to match the EGL
> API and to fit the style of egl_dri2 driver. And most of the code
> specific to DRI3 lives in platform_x11_dri3.c (and .h). It depends on
> another patch [1] for code-reuse needed for enabling
> KHR_create_context.
> Reasons for DRI3 in EGL:
> There are quite a few reasons for DRI3 implementation on x11 platform
> (e.g. easier GPU offloading, less tearing, etc.) The one that motivates
> me to do the work is that EGL apps for x11 can't get hardware
> acceleration on Xwayland (because Xwayland doesn't support DRI2). One
> can also implement DRI2 support in Xwayland, but I think implementing
> DRI3 support in EGL is more reasonable.
> What can the current code do?
> The current code works nearly all right. To enable DRI3 support for EGL
> on x11 platform, set the environment variable LIBGL_DRI3_ENABLE to 1
> (otherwise the default dri2 code will be used). Hardware acceleration
> for x11 EGL apps works and GPU offloading seems to work.
> piglit shows only one regression, gl-1.0-swapbuffers-behavior went from
> pass to fail (quite strange, I don't know why). But it also fixes a few
> piglit tests compared with DRI2 egl code.
> There are a few issues to be addressed:
> * The SystemTimeExtension (also adapted from glx code) uses xf86vidmode
>    which seems unable to use from xcb. I made a dirty hack to use Xlib
>    here. I wonder if xrandr can be used to replace it.
> * A few EGL extensions are missing.
> * WL_bind_wayland_display seems not working properly. If I start weston
>    in X using my egl with dri3 and start an x11 egl app within weston,
>    the app can't run properly.
> Really sorry for the huge patch (I don't know a good way to split
> it). Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Boyan Ding
> [1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-dev/2015-June/086982.html

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