[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 2/2] i965: Support importing R8 and GR88 dma_bufs

Chad Versace chad.versace at intel.com
Thu Jul 9 16:14:44 PDT 2015

On Thu 09 Jul 2015, Emil Velikov wrote:
> On 9 July 2015 at 21:21, Chad Versace <chad.versace at intel.com> wrote:
> > On Thu 09 Jul 2015, Emil Velikov wrote:
> >> On 9 July 2015 at 09:39, Chad Versace <chad.versace at intel.com> wrote:
> >> > EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import now supports those formats.
> >> >
> >> Do I have an old version of it (v6) or I simply cannot see those listed ?
> >
> > I should have been more clear when I said "EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import
> > now supports those formats". I meant "now supports those formats as of
> > the previous patch".
> >
> > The EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import spec itself lists no DRM formats. v6 of
> > the spec refers to drm_fourcc.h for formats by saying this:
> >
> >     * EGL_LINUX_DRM_FOURCC_EXT: The pixel format of the buffer, as
> >       specified by drm_fourcc.h and used as the pixel_format parameter of
> >       the drm_mode_fb_cmd2 ioctl.
> I was blindly searching for DRI_IMAGE_FOURCC, silly me. Thank you for
> kindly pointing me in the correct direction.
> Afaics Gwenole sent out an identical set of patches ~an year ago, and
> they seems to have fallen through the cracks.

I discussed Gwenole's patches with the XBMC/Kodi devs (CC'd here), and
concluded that the current approach (supporting more formats in
EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import) will be less problematic. To be fair,
though, Gwenole didn't get a chance to respond in that discussion
because (I believe) he was on vacation.

Gwenole, do we need to talk about the two different approaches we took
to solve the problem?

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