[Mesa-dev] V2 ARB_arrays_of_arrays GLSL ES

Timothy Arceri t_arceri at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jul 17 20:00:51 PDT 2015

Hi all,

The restrictions in ES make the extension easier to implement so
I thought I'd try get this stuff reviewed an committed before finishing
up the full extension.
The bits that I'm still working on for the desktop version are AoA inputs
outputs, and interface blocks.

The only thing I know is definatly missing in this series for ES is
support for indirect indexing of samplers, but that didn't seem like
something that should hold up the series.

Once the SSBO series lands (with a patch that restricts unsized arrays)
then all the AoA ES conformance tests will pass.

There are already a bunch of piglit tests in git but I'm also waiting on some
patches to be reviewed here:

If useful the series is in the 'gles7' branch of the repo here:

Changes in v2:
- Reworked how uniform AoA are handled which simplified things greatly.
- Transform feedback and program interface query now working with AoA.
- Speed up glsl optimisation pass via improvement to dead code elimination.
- Some smaller reviewed patches pushed.


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