[Mesa-dev] [RFC] AoA atomic counter follow-up fixes

Timothy Arceri t_arceri at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jul 22 15:30:04 PDT 2015

Hi Guys,

These patches fix up AoA support for atomic counters following
my change in approach to uniforms in V2 of my AoA GLES series.

However I wanted to get some feedback mainly on the first patch
as the end result is the whole AoA is marked as active which
doesnt happen on Nvidia drivers.

I guess my question is do you think this patch is ok as a first
pass at just getting this stuff up and running or should I spend
a bunch of time writting a pass that splits the outer arrays into
separate variables to make them  easier to handle separatly.
At this stage in the glsl ir life cycle I don't know if its worth
the extra effort.


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