[Mesa-dev] [Bug 91130] Mesa's cl.h defines CL_VERSION_1_2 even though it is missing some OpenCL 1.2 functions

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Tue Jul 28 07:56:00 PDT 2015


--- Comment #4 from Dennis Schridde <devurandom at gmx.net> ---
Just to make sure I understand. You say that:
1) Mesa should provide a shared library that actually implements all functions
advertised in the header (which will be fixed in Mesa 10.7/11.0)
2) applications using OpenCL should still check at runtime which features are

I believe JTR already does the latter (there are instances of `if (ocl_ver >=
120)` in the source). So once the patch for (1) is merged, this issue should be

For reference: The patch Serge mentioned can be found at:

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