[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] clover: add --with-icd-file-dir option

Ilia Mirkin imirkin at alum.mit.edu
Tue May 5 08:55:45 PDT 2015

On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 11:42 AM, Tom Stellard <tom at stellard.net> wrote:
>> > How about this -- get rid of --enable-opencl-icd and change it to
>> > --with-opencl-icd-dir where you must supply a directory if you want to
>> > use it. That way if you want the system one, you'd say
>> > /etc/OpenCL/vendors, if you want your own custom dir, then put that
>> > in.
>> >
>> This sounds like a very clever solution, but it is not intuitive if
>> you lack prior knowledge about its workings. I can add "For
>> distribution maintainers" note as 10.6 comes out, though not too sure
>> how many people actually read these :-\
>> I'm fine with it either way, so I'll be up-to Tom and others to make the call.
> I am in favor of some variant of this solution.  I personally prefer
> having two options one to use /etc and one to use $sysconfdif, which I
> think is more intuitive.

So actually, --with-foo-dir is usually for build, not install (i.e.
what directory is foo located in). Not sure what the standard is for
"install to random other directory is" with autoconf, but how about


With the appropriate information in the configure help, and error out
if both are specified. Does that make everyone happy?

It should be noted that the contents of the icd file aren't
particularly groundbreaking -- just a text file with
"libMesaOpenCL.so" in it -- so even if you have one from your system
install, and stick mesa elsewhere and its icd file goes to that other
"wrong" location, you will still have a mesa icd file there, and
things will work (provided you supply a LD_LIBRARY_PATH).


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