[Mesa-dev] Ideas on loop unrolling, loop examples, and my GSoC-blog

Eero Tamminen eero.t.tamminen at intel.com
Fri May 29 03:23:15 PDT 2015


On 05/28/2015 10:19 PM, Thomas Helland wrote:
> One more thing;
> Is there a limit where the loop body gets so large that we
> want to decide that "gah, this sucks, no point in unrolling this"?
> I imagine as the loops get large there will be a case of
> diminishing returns from the unrolling?

I think only backend can say something to that.   You e.g. give backend 
unrolled and non-unrolled versions and backend decides which one is 
better (after applying additional optimizations)...

	- Eero

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