[Mesa-dev] [Bug 94399] [swrast] piglit getuniform-03 regression

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Vinson Lee <vlee at freedesktop.org> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Vinson Lee <vlee at freedesktop.org> ---
commit e25c24c6389e5dbbb7ebf59c302659e5d6417ed4
Author: Lars Hamre <chemecse at gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Apr 8 10:06:23 2016 -0400

    glsl: handle unsigned int wraparound in link_shaders()

    v2: change check_explicit_uniform_locations() to return an
        unsigned 0 (Timothy Arceri)

    We were storing the int result of check_explicit_uniform_locations()
    in num_explicit_uniform_locs as an unsigned int which caused it to
    be 4294967295 when a -1 was returned.

    This in turn would cause the following error during linking:
    error: count of uniform locations > MAX_UNIFORM_LOCATIONS(4294967295 >

    Results from running piglit tests/all with this patch
    and when ARB_explicit_uniform_location disabled:

    changes:     178
    fixes:       176
    regressions: 2

    The two regressions are for the following tests:
    glean at glsl1-matrix column check (1)
    glean at glsl1-matrix column check (2)
    which regress from FAIL to CRASH.

    The regressions are acceptable because the tests are currently failing due
    the aforementioned linker error.

    Signed-off-by: Lars Hamre <chemecse at gmail.com>
    Reviewed-by: Timothy Arceri <timothy.arceri at collabora.com>

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