[Mesa-dev] [Bug 94955] Uninitialized variables leads to random segfaults (valgrind log, apitrace attached)

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Thu Apr 21 20:20:19 UTC 2016


--- Comment #12 from Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com> ---
(In reply to Bruce Cherniak from comment #10)
> Does the gallium llvm sampler fully support float textures?  Both llvmpipe
> and OpenSWR generate the same sampler and fail identically.
Yes, that's easily supported (it's actually one of the most easy formats
code-wise). The sampler in question doesn't even use any filtering, so compared
to some other generated sampler funcs it's dead simple.
Forcing tex func is actually a really good idea to separate things out (even
more so when looking at the assembly), albeit with a float type it should not
have been necessary (the logic there what's complex or not is quite flawed

Though it doesn't look like float format to me. More like D24X8.

> I'll attach the sampler ir, if it's useful.  Any hints on debugging sampler
> jit are appreciated. :-)
Any evidence it actually crashed there? Kind of difficult to debug if you don't
get a valid address...
My guess would be it's sampling the system (so not fbo) depth buffer, and the
buffer disappeared in the meantime (if it really is crashing there)...
In that case, it might be similar to bug 94522.

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