[Mesa-dev] [PATCH mesa] i965/blorp: add missing braces

Eric Engestrom eric.engestrom at imgtec.com
Wed Jul 6 16:36:54 UTC 2016

Signed-off-by: Eric Engestrom <eric.engestrom at imgtec.com>

I know nothing about blorp, but GCC6 noticed the weird indentation, and my best
guess looking at the code is that there are missing braces.

  CC       gen7_blorp.lo
gen7_blorp.c: In function ‘gen7_blorp_exec’:
gen7_blorp.c:797:4: warning: this ‘if’ clause does not guard... [-Wmisleading-indentation]
    if (params->wm_prog_data)
gen7_blorp.c:800:7: note: ...this statement, but the latter is misleadingly indented as if it is guarded by the ‘if’

If this is wrong, then the second line should be de-indented.

 src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/gen7_blorp.c | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/gen7_blorp.c b/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/gen7_blorp.c
index 7201549..f40e445 100644
--- a/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/gen7_blorp.c
+++ b/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/gen7_blorp.c
@@ -794,10 +794,11 @@ gen7_blorp_exec(struct brw_context *brw,
    gen7_blorp_emit_sf_config(brw, params);
    gen7_blorp_emit_wm_config(brw, params);
-   if (params->wm_prog_data)
+   if (params->wm_prog_data) {
       gen7_blorp_emit_binding_table_pointers_ps(brw, wm_bind_bo_offset);
+   }
    if (params->src.mt) {
       const uint32_t sampler_offset =

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