[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] clover: Pass unquoted compiler arguments to Clang

Vedran Miletić vedran at miletic.net
Tue Jul 12 19:50:12 UTC 2016

06.06.2016 u 12:24, Vedran Miletić je napisao/la:
> On 06/06/2016 02:04 AM, Francisco Jerez wrote:
>> Vedran Miletić <vedran at miletic.net> writes:
>>> Aside from working just like NVIDIA and AMD proprietary stacks, no.
>>> However, what we do right now is most certainly broken. Consider the
>>> following argument
>>> -I"/foo bar/baz"
>>> which is going to be sent to Clang as two arguments broken over space,
>>> while it should be one.
>> But the OpenCL spec doesn't impose any explicit requirements on the
>> formatting of the option string (unless I'm missing something), so
>> strictly speaking both interpretations are equally broken.  It wasn't my
>> intention to argue against implementing the same behaviour as the
>> proprietary CL stacks as temporary solution, but the fact that this is
>> unspecified is certainly an OpenCL spec bug.
> Agree that the spec is incomplete. Additional problem is that Clang is
> unable to handle the incorrectly split arguments, in which case Clang
> IMHO does the correct thing. Mesa is right now breaking the user/app
> supplied compiler args into an array before passing it to Clang and that
> breaking is done in a wrong way.
> I am not claiming that it's Clover's job to unquote args, even though it
> would be convenient for Clang if it was.
> Regards,
> Vedran
>>> We should split arguments correctly, and whether or not we remove
>>> quotes in the process or we expect Clang to handle them is the easier
>>> part of the job.


I am rebasing this. Do you suggest to replace the code in tokenize() or 
to add an additional boolean argument to it, e.g. respect_quoting and 
then do an if(respect_quoting) branching inside?

Also, I would really like to progress on getting this merged in some 
way, so any general feedback is also welcome.


Vedran Miletić

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