[Mesa-dev] libglvnd support in Mesa 12

Stefan Dirsch sndirsch at suse.de
Thu Jul 14 13:21:19 UTC 2016

I've played around with libglvnd support in Mesa12. I'm using libglvnd
from git master (commit id 1b30d15) and Mesa 12.0.1.

It tries to open the last fallback libGLX_indirect. I workarounded this via
setting __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME environment variable to "mesa". This
resulted in a crash when trying to find "glXUseXFont", for which I attach a fix.

[PATCH glx/glxglvnd] Avoid overflow in 'last' variable of

Unfortunately GL applications like glxinfo/glxgears still fail with

  "Error: couldn't get an RGB, double-buffered visual"

Anybody who has this already successfully running? Any hints?


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