[Mesa-dev] VAAPI egl interop on radeon

Jan Burgmeier jan.burgmeier at unicon-software.com
Fri Jul 15 09:25:17 UTC 2016


I am developing an application which uses vaapi and egl. My goal is to use vaDeriveImage and vaAcquireBufferHandle to get the drm buffer id which then can be used to create a EGLImageKHR. My problem is, that on amd hardware (AMD GX-212ZC SOC with Radeon(TM) R1E Graphics and AMD GX-424CC SOC with Radeon(TM) R5E Graphics) vaDeriveImage fails with "invalid VASurfaceID" and when I do vaGetImage as a fallback to get the image vaAcquireBufferHandle fails with "invalid VABufferID". The same code works on Intel hardware. 

Mesa version: 11.2.2 

- Should this work in general? 
- Is there any special setting needed? 

Kind regards 
Jan Burgmeier 
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