[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 10/17] glsl: Define a gl_LastFragData built-in for GLSL versions that have gl_FragData.

Francisco Jerez currojerez at riseup.net
Thu Jul 21 04:49:40 UTC 2016

The EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch extension defines alternative
language for GLES2 shaders where user-defined fragment outputs are not
allowed.  Instead of using inout user-defined fragment outputs the
shader is expected to read from the gl_LastFragData built-in array.
In addition this allows using the same language on desktop GLSL
versions prior to 4.2 that support the deprecated gl_FragData built-in
in preparation for the MESA_shader_framebuffer_fetch desktop GL

Both legacy and user-defined inout outputs have a common
representation at the GLSL IR level, so it shouldn't make any
difference for optimization passes and back-ends whether the
application is using gl_LastFragData or user-defined outputs, all
they'll see is a variable dereference of a fragment output at a
certain interface location with the fb_fetch_output bit set to one.
 src/compiler/glsl/builtin_variables.cpp | 10 ++++++++++
 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+)

diff --git a/src/compiler/glsl/builtin_variables.cpp b/src/compiler/glsl/builtin_variables.cpp
index f63dc3a..6a756ed 100644
--- a/src/compiler/glsl/builtin_variables.cpp
+++ b/src/compiler/glsl/builtin_variables.cpp
@@ -1136,6 +1136,16 @@ builtin_variable_generator::generate_fs_special_vars()
                  array(vec4_t, state->Const.MaxDrawBuffers), "gl_FragData");
+   if (state->has_framebuffer_fetch() && !state->is_version(420, 300)) {
+      ir_variable *const var =
+         add_output(FRAG_RESULT_DATA0,
+                    array(vec4_t, state->Const.MaxDrawBuffers),
+                    "gl_LastFragData");
+      var->data.precision = GLSL_PRECISION_MEDIUM;
+      var->data.read_only = 1;
+      var->data.fb_fetch_output = 1;
+   }
    if (state->es_shader && state->language_version == 100 && state->EXT_blend_func_extended_enable) {
       /* We make an assumption here that there will only ever be one dual-source draw buffer
        * In case this assumption is ever proven to be false, make sure to assert here

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