[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/14] vl dri3 support for vaapi and vdpau

Axel Davy axel.davy at ens.fr
Thu May 12 05:53:17 UTC 2016

Another comment:

What would solve your DRI_PRIME issues would also be
dma-buf fences.

While I believe thread_submit should be a bit better (because
it avoids a card stall waiting for another card to finish), dma-buf
fences make the two cards synchronize rendering properly.

I don't know much of the kernel details, but as I understand radeon and 
amdgpu support
the kernel interface for dma-buf fences, but intel not. You should be 
to the intel team to implement the feature.


On 12/05/2016 07:46, Axel Davy wrote:
> On 12/05/2016 04:41, Mike Lothian wrote:
>> Hi Axel
>> Is the thread_submit=true only for nine or does it work with all of DRI3?
>> I'm keen to get rid of the tearing on my Skylake/Tonga setup
>> Thanks
>> Mike
> It is gallium nine only for now.
> In the case of gallium nine, it as a reasonnable assumption all 
> accesses to the rendered content (read/write) is done through the api. 
> Besides the window messages are independent of whether there is 
> presentation or not (and when). Thus you can delay the presentation.
> I believe in the case of GL, it is too much to do these assumptions. 
> Though perhaps the option could still be added and user test if for 
> their app it works or not. But it's not trivial work to add support 
> for the option.
> Axel
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