[Mesa-dev] GL4.5 or bust...

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Sun May 15 20:32:11 UTC 2016

So I said this on irc over the weekend and it seemed like we had some
consensus on holding off 12.0 until we could announce 4.5 on some
hardware. This assumes the FP64 stuff is going in at least.

So I decided to roll out the proposal here, which is that we finish
GL4.5 features off for at least Skylake I think.

So what is needed/missing: please add as you see fit.

a) robustness - radeonsi has some bits of this. We need to get
KHR_robustness bits, that I think Kayden has patches started for, and
i965 needs to ensure it uses robust buffer stuff. I don't think this
one in unobtainable.

b) cull_distance - I merged something, it broke, I'll fix it today, job done.

c) enhanced_layouts - So tarceri has posted patches, we know that to
do it properly we probably need to rip up attribute packing and
rewrite it, however if Kayden thinks what tarceri has done is
functional enough for now, we could merge the final pieces and work on
perfection later.

d) SIMD32 for i965 compute shaders - this is probably the most unknown
to me, curro says he's got some patches, that need to rebase onto FP64
when it lands, assuming he can do that, and reviewers can get on top
of things, and we possibly only enable SIMD32 in the corner cases
initially, it might be possible to get this landed.

Have I missed anything? Should we go for it?

For radeonsi, I think the only other missing bit is qbo and
clear_texture, which may or may not make it in time.


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