[Mesa-dev] V2 Rework gl program structures (lots of clean-up)

Timothy Arceri timothy.arceri at collabora.com
Tue Nov 29 00:31:26 UTC 2016

Ping for reviews. I'm about to send a new version of the shader cache
series which depends on these changes.

Most of these should be straight forward to review and can be done so
independently so would be greatful for reviews on individual patches if
you don't want to do the whole series.


On Mon, 2016-11-21 at 00:28 +1100, Timothy Arceri wrote:
> Most of these patches are clean-ups on there own so I'd be grateful
> for
> even partial series reviews.
> Series is available in the free_gl_linked_shader8 branch of:
> https://github.com/tarceri/Mesa.git
> V2:
> - some make check fixes
> - rebase on master
> - previously reviewed patches pushed (Thanks Emil)
> - patch 56-58 are new
> I started out with a goal of freeing _LinkedShaders after linking as
> this
> would have allowed a bunch of code simplification and also reduced
> the
> possibility of subtle bugs in i965 where a program that is currently
> active is relinked but fails and then we recompile a variant of the
> still
> active program but we would have lost things such as per stage atomic
> bindings which would be deleted during the failed relink.
> In the end this series grew larger than expected so for now this
> series
> aims to switch the pipeline objects CurrentProgram array from using
> gl_shader_program to gl_program. Previously the CurrentProgram array
> could have contained multiple pointers to the same struct which was
> confusing and we would often need to fish out the information we were
> really after from the gl_program anyway. Using gl_program makes much
> more sense and allows us to optimise some critical paths such as SSO
> and sampler validation which are called at draw time.
> In patch 53 when we finally change the pointers used in
> CurrentProgram
> you can see some of the confusion caused by the old way of doing
> things
> where use_shader_program() calls 
> _mesa_shader_program_init_subroutine_defaults() on each stage in
> gl_shader_program but we also call use_shader_program() itself for
> each stage in gl_shader_program so unless we are dealing with single
> stage SSO programs we will initialise subroutine defaults many
> times over. 
> On top of all this these changes help make shader cache cleaner
> and resolve some of the problems I was having figuring out how to 
> get it working for SSO.
> I've tried to make the order of the patchs make sense for reviewing
> but since almost everything is working towards patches 53-55
> reviewers may need to jump to the last few patches at times.
> Finally the patches 53-55 will need to be squashed to stop
> compilation errors I've just split them up to help make reviewing
> easier. I would have liked to have made patch 55 separate but the
> patches have some circular dependencies that made it difficult.
> I'm really happy with how this series turned out and the improvements
> I was able to make along the way. Please review.
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