[Mesa-dev] [Bug 98135] dEQP-GLES31.functional.debug.negative_coverage.get_error.shader.transform_feedback_varyings wants a different GL error code

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--- Comment #1 from Tapani Pälli <lemody at gmail.com> ---
OpenGL 3.0 spec says:

"The error INVALID VALUE is generated if program is not the name of a program

However in 4.0 spec this statement has been removed (and error case is likely
described in some 'common errors' section since there is no error specified at
all anymore for this case).

Starting from 4.3 spec there is clear error specified just like dEQP expects:

"An INVALID_VALUE error is generated if program is not the name of ei-
ther a program or shader object.

An INVALID_OPERATION error is generated if program is the name of a
shader object."

Our Piglit test is written against 3.0 spec rules so need to update that one as
the error handling is changed.

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