[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v3 00/25] configure.ac... again!

Tobias Droste tdroste at gmx.de
Tue Oct 11 23:02:27 UTC 2016

This series (v3) makes more small changes and after each patch the 
build still works.

After each patch I made sure that these drivers:
either build or fail to configure under these conditions:
a) LLVM installed and version >= version required 
    --> build
b) LLVM not installed 
    --> fail to configure
c) LLVM installed and version < version required 
    --> fail to configure
d) LLVM installed, version >= version required but missing target/component 
    --> fail to configure

I checked your patches on the list regarding the loader changes.
As soon as I got your ok on the patches I'm going to send a rebased
version. I'm pretty sure this series doesn't apply cleanly on top
of your series.

Tobias Droste (25):
  configure.ac: Don't search llvm-config if it's known
  configure.ac: Add helper function for targets/components
  configure.ac: Use new llvm_add_default_components
  configure.ac: Move oCL checks out of LLVM version check
  configure.ac: Remove useless oCL LLVM check
  configure.ac: Use new helper functions for oCL
  configure.ac: Move gallium checks out of LLVM version check
  configure.ac: Move LLVM version check to the top
  configure.ac: Move LLVM helpers and pkg-config checks
  configure.ac: Unconditionally check LLVM version
  configure.ac: Move oCL LLVM checks to the oCL section
  configure.ac: Move gallium LLVM checks
  configure.ac: Move "--enable-gallium-llvm" check
  configure.ac: Remove radeon_gallium_llvm_check()
  configure.ac: Remove swr_llvm_check()
  configure.ac: Only set --enable_gallium_llvm if it's needed.
  configure.ac: Move radeon_llvm_check to the top
  configure.ac: Use new helper in radeon_llvm_check
  configure.ac: Reorder arguments in radeon_llvm_check
  configure.ac: Move radv check to the Vulkan section
  configure.ac: Use new helper function for r600 oCL
  configure.ac: Use short names for r600 und r300
  configure.ac: Move LLVM ac_subst closer to usage
  configure.ac: Only add default LLVM components if needed
  configure.ac: Add required LLVM versions to the top

 configure.ac | 444 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------
 1 file changed, 242 insertions(+), 202 deletions(-)


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