[Mesa-dev] [Bug 97260] R9 290 low performance in Linux 4.7

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--- Comment #60 from alvarex <edisonalvarez at fibertel.com.ar> ---
I ve been following this up on phoronix and with different builds of mesa.
Recently it was fixed on mesa for amdgpu but not for radeon (there was an
article on phoronix about that) but as from oct 11th is broken again on amdgpu.
I m not sure when it got broken again I have a working build of oct 7th , maybe
on the 9th o the 10th. Just my two cents I 'm not quite sure if it's a power
manager issue. I tried bisecting mesa but I failed sometimes it won't compile
sorry I'm not good with git. 
Anyway I 'm on different hardware (r7 260x) and yes you are right Michel is a
different issue because sometimes I will hit the bug with the same build and
someone else with a r9 290 wont or viceversa (not always). But it might be
related as well because the performance difference hit is similar and with some
build setups ie kernel 4.6 and mesa 12 the performance is fine in both

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