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--- Comment #2 from Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov at gmail.com> ---
There's a few things here:

- The kernel module name is i915 for backwards compatibility reasons, yet on
userspace side there are two drivers - i915 and i965. You can skim
through/compare with $mesa_top/include/pci_ids/i9[16]5_pci_ids.h

- Using eglGetDisplay is implementation specific - don't use that since it
depends on hacks such as EGL_PLATFORM/EGL_DISPLAY and alike. Use
EGL_EXT_platform_base or the EGL 1.5 equivalent.

- Mesa has dropped support for fbdev platform a long time ago. Use drm instead
- see kmscube for a simple example (iirc it uses the eglGetDisplay API so
ignore that part).

- ATM you're building the gallium drivers, which seemingly you don't need. Pass
to configure --without-gallium-drivers

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