[Mesa-dev] [PATCH mesa] wsi/wayland: fix error path

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Thu Oct 20 09:19:16 UTC 2016

Hi Eric,

On 20 October 2016 at 00:09, Eric Engestrom <eric at engestrom.ch> wrote:
> I'm not sure this is the right fix. The other thing I'm starting to lean
> toward is to just remove these last two instruction (ie. everything after
> `return VK_SUCCESS`).
> Also, this is untested. It compiles, but that's it.

Indeed, that would be the right fix. Since Wayland is fully
asynchronous, create_prime_buffer will either succeed, or generate a
protocol error much further down the line.

That being said, the use of wl_display_roundtrip is really broken in
the presence of multiple threads: much like Jonas's fix for
wayland-egl, all the Wayland objects created by the WSI _must_ use a
separate event queue.


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