[Mesa-dev] LLVM gallivm issue in Mesa 12.1.0

Chuck Atkins chuck.atkins at kitware.com
Thu Oct 20 15:13:58 UTC 2016

> Perhaps we need to make sure we pick --std=c++11.

> But this also implies that *all* Mesa needs to build reliably with
> --std=c++11.

Yes, that is correct.

The issue is one of C++11 ABI mismatch.  If a public interface to a library
is C++ but contains no C++ std library data structures (rare) then it
doesn't matter but as soon as you put std::string in the API interface,
which virtually every C++ API does for one reason or another, then the
C++11 flag will need to propagate.  It doesn't matter for C++ code
consuming the LLVM C library interface though.

While it may be technically possible to build different objects in a
library with different c++ standards so long as they don't have any C++ API
interaction with each other, the practicalities of this are quite dangerous
I believe and just asking for some nightmare debugging scenarios.

- Chuck
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