[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] st/glsl_to_tgsi: fix mismatch between TGSI BFI/BFE and GLSL

Nicolai Hähnle nhaehnle at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 13:31:22 UTC 2016

From: Nicolai Hähnle <nicolai.haehnle at amd.com>

TGSI's BFI/BFE specifies that the bits and offset are masked by 0x1f. GLSL
has no such masking and simply says that the result is undefined when
bits or offset are negative or bits + offset > 32.

The GLSL definition is annoying from a driver perspective, because mapping
the GLSL intrinsics directly to TGSI means the case bits == 32, offset == 0
is handled incorrectly. The TGSI definition is the one from DirectX and
matches AMD GCN.

This patch adds the necessary workaround instructions in st_glsl_to_tgsi,
which should be correct for all drivers. If there is hardware that
implements GLSL-style bitfield operations natively, we could add extra
opcodes and a pipe cap so that the corresponding drivers don't lose
 src/mesa/state_tracker/st_glsl_to_tgsi.cpp | 18 ++++++++++++++----
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/mesa/state_tracker/st_glsl_to_tgsi.cpp b/src/mesa/state_tracker/st_glsl_to_tgsi.cpp
index f376462..5f49612 100644
--- a/src/mesa/state_tracker/st_glsl_to_tgsi.cpp
+++ b/src/mesa/state_tracker/st_glsl_to_tgsi.cpp
@@ -2154,26 +2154,36 @@ glsl_to_tgsi_visitor::visit_expression(ir_expression* ir, st_src_reg *op)
       emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_LRP, result_dst, op[2], op[1], op[0]);
    case ir_triop_csel:
       if (this->ctx->Const.NativeIntegers)
          emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_UCMP, result_dst, op[0], op[1], op[2]);
       else {
          op[0].negate = ~op[0].negate;
          emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_CMP, result_dst, op[0], op[1], op[2]);
-   case ir_triop_bitfield_extract:
-      emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_IBFE, result_dst, op[0], op[1], op[2]);
+   case ir_triop_bitfield_extract: {
+      st_src_reg is_ge32 = get_temp(glsl_type::uint_type);
+      st_src_reg bfe = get_temp(ir->type);
+      emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_ISGE, st_dst_reg(is_ge32), op[2], st_src_reg_for_int(32));
+      emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_IBFE, st_dst_reg(bfe), op[0], op[1], op[2]);
+      emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_UCMP, result_dst, is_ge32, op[0], bfe);
-   case ir_quadop_bitfield_insert:
-      emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_BFI, result_dst, op[0], op[1], op[2], op[3]);
+   }
+   case ir_quadop_bitfield_insert: {
+      st_src_reg is_ge32 = get_temp(glsl_type::uint_type);
+      st_src_reg bfi = get_temp(ir->type);
+      emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_ISGE, st_dst_reg(is_ge32), op[3], st_src_reg_for_int(32));
+      emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_BFI, st_dst_reg(bfi), op[0], op[1], op[2], op[3]);
+      emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_UCMP, result_dst, is_ge32, op[1], bfi);
+   }
    case ir_unop_bitfield_reverse:
       emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_BREV, result_dst, op[0]);
    case ir_unop_bit_count:
       emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_POPC, result_dst, op[0]);
    case ir_unop_find_msb:
       emit_asm(ir, TGSI_OPCODE_IMSB, result_dst, op[0]);
    case ir_unop_find_lsb:

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