[Mesa-dev] [Bug 102021] ir validation assert on valid GLSL

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Thu Aug 3 07:25:22 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from Dave Airlie <airlied at freedesktop.org> ---
START GLSL optimization optimize_split_arrays
(declare (location=0 shader_out ) vec4 gl_Position)
(declare (shader_in ) (array vec4 3) vertex)
(declare (shader_out ) vec4 temp)
(declare (temporary ) vec4 temp0_0)
(declare (temporary ) vec4 temp0_1)
( function main
  (signature void
      (assign  (xyzw) (var_ref temp0_0)  (array_ref (var_ref vertex) (constant
int (0)) ) ) 
      (assign  (x) (var_ref temp0_1)  (expression float rsq (swiz x (expression
vec4 abs (var_ref temp0_0) ) )) ) 
      (assign  (y) (var_ref temp0_1)  (expression float rsq (swiz y (expression
vec4 abs (var_ref temp0_0) ) )) ) 
      (assign  (xyzw) (var_ref gl_Position)  (array_ref (var_ref vertex)
(constant int (0)) ) ) 
      (assign  (xyzw) (var_ref temp)  (var_ref temp0_1) ) 
      (emit-vertex (constant int (0)) )


previous IR before bad opt.

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