[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v5 2/2] i965: Queue the buffer with a sync fence for Android OS

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 10:36:01 UTC 2017

On 2 August 2017 at 20:01,  <yogesh.marathe at intel.com> wrote:
> From: Zhongmin Wu <zhongmin.wu at intel.com>
> Before we queued the buffer with a invalid fence (-1), it causes
> benchmarks such as flatland to fail. This patch enables explicit
> sync feature on android.
> Now we get the out fence during the flushing buffer and then pass
> it to SurfaceFlinger in eglSwapbuffer function.
> v2: a) Also implement the fence in cancelBuffer.
>     b) The last sync fence is stored in drawable object
>        rather than brw context.
>     c) format clear.
> v3: a) Save the last fence fd in DRI Context object.
>     b) Return the last fence if the batch buffer is empty and
>        nothing to be flushed when _intel_batchbuffer_flush_fence
>     c) Add the new interface in vbtl to set the retrieve fence
> v3.1 a) close fd in the new vbtl interface on none Android platform
> v4: a) The last fence is saved in brw context.
>     b) The retrieve fd is for all the platform but not just Android
>     c) Add a uniform dri2 interface to initialize the surface.
> v4.1: a) make some changes of variable name.
>       b) the patch is broken into two patches.
> v4.2: a) Add a deinit interface for surface to clear the out fence
> v5: a) Add enable_out_fence to init, platform sets it true or
>        false
>     b) Change get fd to update fd and check for fence
>     c) Commit description updated
Seems like most suggestions in last version did not get addressed.
Please comment if you disagree (it can be that we've
misread/misremember something) before posting another version.

To reiterate:
 - add blank line between variable declarations and code
 - use more consistent function names
 - comment above queueBuffer needs fixing
 - version check (2+) the fence extension, calling .create_fence_fd()
only when .get_capabilities() advertises __DRI_FENCE_CAP_NATIVE_FD
 - don't introduce unused variables (in make_current)
 - the create fd for the old display surface (in make_current) seems bogus

Also, please change the commit summary message to reflect reality.
I'm thinking of the following, although you can come with something better.

"egl: allow creation of per surface out fence

Add plumbing to allow creation of per display surface out fence.

Currently enabled only on Android, since the system expects a valid fd
in ANativeWindow::{queue,cancel}Buffer.
Without it tools such as flatland will fail, since they cannot get the
timestamp as we currently pass an fd of -1."


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