[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 2/2] st/mesa: fix CTS regression caused by fcbb93e86024

Timothy Arceri tarceri at itsqueeze.com
Sun Aug 13 22:51:12 UTC 2017

On 12/08/17 06:32, Emil Velikov wrote:
> On 1 August 2017 at 08:35, Timothy Arceri <tarceri at itsqueeze.com> wrote:
>> When generation the storage offset for struct members we need
>> to skip opaque types as they no longer have backing storage.
>> Fixes: fcbb93e86024 ("mesa: stop assigning unused storage for non-bindless opaque types")
>> Bugzilla: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=101983
> Tim, did you went with another solution or the patches are waiting for review?
> I was about to pick the revert for stable, but would need a reference
> for the fix in master.

Still waiting on review. I'll resend today with your previous comments 
about wording addressed.

>> ---
>>   src/mesa/Makefile.sources                  |   2 +
>>   src/mesa/state_tracker/st_glsl_to_tgsi.cpp |  16 ++++-
>>   src/mesa/state_tracker/st_glsl_types.cpp   | 105 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>>   src/mesa/state_tracker/st_glsl_types.h     |  44 ++++++++++++
> I think the st_glsl_types.* are revert conflicts and should not be needed.
> If that's correct, this series is overall smaller and preferable for
> stable, since it does not diverge from master.
> It's your call though.

I believe the functions I add back with st_glsl_types.* are slightly 
different than the ones that were there before. However Samuel would 
rather his patch go into stable anyway, I'm fine with that also.

> Thanks
> Emil

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