[Mesa-dev] V2 radeonsi use STD430 packing of UBOs by default

Timothy Arceri tarceri at itsqueeze.com
Tue Aug 22 12:14:16 UTC 2017

I'm a little unsure what to do with this now. Below is my shader-db
results, the majority of negative changes are from Natural Selection

I looked at some dumps of the worst Natural Selection 2 shaders and
it seems to just be scheduling differences causing the regressions.

I tested with sisched but that just made things even worse.

Obviously we should be aiming to improve the schedulare, but since
this regresses things and I have no evidence of it helping anything
it makes the case for adding it pretty weak.


PERCENTAGE DELTAS    Shaders     SGPRs     VGPRs SpillSGPR  MaxWaves 
 All affected            5797    2.92     3.05 %    5.04 %   -2.94  
 Total                  72287    0.28 %    0.34 %    0.33 %  -0.21 %

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