[Mesa-dev] New #intel-3d IRC channel on Freenode

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Wed Aug 23 17:19:11 UTC 2017


The Intel Mesa team would like to welcome you to a new public IRC channel
on Freenode: #intel-3d.  The topic is Mesa development for Intel GPUs, in
particular the "i965" OpenGL and "anv" Vulkan drivers.

The open source graphics community has grown a lot over the last few
years, and as a result, both #intel-gfx and #dri-devel have become fairly
busy, with lots of discussions about the kernel, display, and other
drivers.  This has been great to see, but a number of us felt that we'd
outgrown our current space, so to speak, and decided it was finally time
to set up a third channel, to make it easier to discuss more topics in

We will of course still be on #intel-gfx (general Intel graphics) and
#dri-devel (the broader Mesa and DRI community), as always.  Our hope is
to complement the existing channels.

We look forward to seeing you on #intel-3d!

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