[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] st/va: move YUV content to deinterlaced buffer when reallocated for encoder

Leo Liu leo.liu at amd.com
Fri Aug 25 20:14:29 UTC 2017

>>>>>>> +      }
>>>>>> Should we bail out with an error here when it's the other way 
>>>>>> around?
>>>>> Although I cannot think of any of case that to get buffer 
>>>>> Interlaced now, It's still a good idea to bail out here when it 
>>>>> happnens
>>>>> Will add it in v4.
>>>> It's not a error when case like buffer is deinterlaced, and 
>>>> interlaced result from query. What we need to do is to do nothing, 
>>>> just ignores.
>>>> I have sent out v4, please ignore it, it won't work.
>>> Well that's not correct either.
>>> When the buffer is allocated as progressive and the codec doesn't 
>>> supports that we should certainly do something.
>>> Either bail out as an error when we encode because we can't convert 
>>> progressive->interlaced (just the other way around) and/or 
>>> reallocate for decoding.
>> Here is current situation for  transcode
>> Decoder allocate I buffers as preferred, then encoder prefers as P 
>> buffers , so re-allocated them to P buffers.
>> and then next frame, decoder take P buffer, but not as preferred.
>> 3 possible ways for decoder to go:
>> 1. ignores the the Preferred, and keep buffer as P, and pipe goes. V3
>> 2. go for Preferred, and then do endless alloc/dealloc frame by 
>> frame. V2
>> 3. Bailout as error, the pipeline stops. V4
> Won't have time to test till tomorrow but just getting one of the cases
> I thought may work with this, that couldn't work with the env, out.
> ffmpeg can (in theory anyway) do -
> hwdec -> hw deinterlace -> hw encode.
> Possible?

Not sure about FFMpeg. Have you tried that before? I always use 
gstreamer for encode/transcode.


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