[Mesa-dev] [Bug 99481] glsl_parser_extras.cpp:1253:18: error: expected ')' before 'PRId64'

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--- Comment #1 from Vinson Lee <vlee at freedesktop.org> ---
commit aceae09ef05dbe8540d8a2da6f784153deb9bbf6
Author: Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com>
Date:   Mon Jan 23 20:21:00 2017 +0100

    glsl: fix compile errors with mingw due to missing PRIx64 definitions

    define __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS and include <inttypes.h> (same as
    ir_builder_print_visitor.cpp already does).

    Otherwise, some mingw build errors out (since
    8e7e1ae0365ddc7edb0d4d98250ab46728e6c14a and
    bbce1c538dc0cb8bf3769510283d11847dc07540 presumably) with:
    src/compiler/glsl/ir_print_visitor.cpp:479:40: error: expected ‘)’ before
       case GLSL_TYPE_UINT64:fprintf(f, "%" PRIu64, ir->value.u64[i]); break;

    (Note even with that fix I get other format specifier warnings:
    warning: unknown conversion type character ‘a’ in format [-Wformat=]
                    fprintf(f, "%a", ir->value.f[i]);
    warning: too many arguments for format [-Wformat-extra-args]
    but it still compiles at least)

    Reviewed-by: Jose Fonseca <jfonseca at vmware.com>

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