[Mesa-dev] [Bug 99638] Mesa opengles Peppa Pig and openggles2 smurfs on Radeon PowerPC and PPC64

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Hi Emil,
yes it was present on swrast in past (i cant check now the xorg.conf with fbdev
dont work on Fedora 25 PPC64 make X dont start) and yes was present in past in
nouveau too, i cant say if it was fixed on nouveau, if needed i can made a
clean installation on my G5 Quad where is present a nvidia gpu for check.
For sure i tested it on:
Ubuntu Mate 15.x,16.x and 17.x PPC32
Fedora 24 and 25 PPC64
OpenSuse Tumblebee PPC64
and on all this distros the color issue is present. 
Here on this machine a new ppc64 Hw i have the wrong color reported.
my gpu is a radeonhd 6570 but was reported the same issue from other users with
5450HD, 6870HD 

The old bug reported by Xeno74 bug 72877 was effecting the opengl not gles1 and
gles2 and was fixed from mesa 11.x 

on my ubuntu mate partition are running mesa 17-rc2 
on Fedora mesa 13.0.3

If is need i can ask the others guys from the community to post here and
Im open to help .. the important is fix this issue .


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