[Mesa-dev] [Bug 99010] --disable-gallium-llvm no longer recognized

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--- Comment #20 from Jonathan Gray <jsg at openbsd.org> ---
(In reply to Emil Velikov from comment #19)
> Gents do give this series a try
> https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/19269/

With the patch series I can build Mesa without setting LLVM_CONFIG=no in the
environment again on OpenBSD/amd64.

To prevent Mesa from using llvm if found I still have to use
--disable-gallium-llvm --disable-llvm-shared-libs

Building with just --disable-gallium-llvm gives

configure: error: Could not find llvm shared libraries:
        Please make sure you have built llvm with the --enable-shared option
        and that your llvm libraries are installed in /usr/local/lib
        If you have installed your llvm libraries to a different directory you
        can use the --with-llvm-prefix= configure flag to specify this
        NOTE: Mesa is attempting to use llvm shared libraries by default.
        If you do not want to build with llvm shared libraries and instead want
        use llvm static libraries then add --disable-llvm-shared-libs to your
        invocation and rebuild.

running autogen/configure with:

export ACLOCAL="aclocal -I /usr/X11R6/share/aclocal"
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/X11R6/lib/pkgconfig
export X11BASE=/usr/X11R6
if [[ $(uname -p) == "i386" ]]; then
        export USER_CFLAGS="-march=i586"
        export USER_CXXFLAGS="-march=i586"
./autogen.sh \
--with-gallium-drivers=r300,r600,swrast \
--with-dri-drivers=i915,i965,r200,radeon,swrast \
--disable-silent-rules \
--disable-gallium-llvm \
--disable-llvm-shared-libs \
--disable-glx-tls \
--enable-gles1 --enable-gles2 \
--enable-shared-glapi \
--enable-osmesa \
--enable-debug \
--enable-gbm \
--enable-texture-float \
--with-egl-platforms="x11,drm" \
--prefix=${X11BASE} \
--with-dri-driverdir=${X11BASE}/lib/modules/dri \

This is with some additional patches, including patching out the requirement of
llvm for r300 to mimic building on a system with no llvm.

The OpenBSD ports LLVM package installs static libraries for each component,
not a shared library for each or a single shared library for everything which
seems to be the approach taken by linux distributions?

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