[Mesa-dev] How about vk_features.txt?

Romain Failliot romain.failliot at foolstep.com
Mon Feb 13 02:48:40 UTC 2017


I regularly receive questions about having Mesamatrix tracking the state of
Vulkan API for ANV and RADV.

I don't think there is a file in mesa repo that state the progression of
Vulkan on each driver. So if you're interested, I could generate a base
file (xml?) extracting the <feature> tag from the official API (
and maybe the <extensions> tag as well, if you want. Then you could simply
add the status of each "feature" for RADV and ANV.

I'm open to discussion if you think it's a good idea. I don't know exactly
what you would need to simplify the task as much as possible. But I think
we could use our experience on features.txt to build something both more
structured and easier to read (for a human and a machine)


Romain "Creak" Failliot
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