[Mesa-dev] radv cik fixes

Kai Wasserb├Ąch kai at dev.carbon-project.org
Tue Feb 14 13:55:17 UTC 2017

Hey Dave,
Dave Airlie wrote on 14.02.2017 07:10:
> Hey,
> This is a bunch of CIK fixes I found thanks to Lyude for remote
> access to a test machine.
> The main one is 1/4, it changes the memory base alignment
> so that color buffers are aligned properly.

I can confirm, that this series resolves fdo#99692 for me
(<https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=99692#c9>). The Talos Principle
is finally up and running with radv and no more visual corruption or VM faults

You can have my
  Tested-by: Kai Wasserb├Ąch <kai at dev.carbon-project.org>

Thank you so much for these patches!


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