[Mesa-dev] [Bug 99692] [radv] Mostly broken on Hawaii PRO/CIK ASICs

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--- Comment #15 from Jan Ziak <0xe2.0x9a.0x9b at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Kai from comment #12)
> (In reply to Jan Ziak from comment #11)
> > Is LLVM-5.0-devel required? I am using LLVM-4.0.0_rc1 and even vulkaninfo is
> > terminating with an assertion error.
> Not to my knowledge and not intentionally I would venture to say, otherwise
> proposed changes including different behaviour depending on whether you have
> LLVM < 4.0.0 or not wouldn't make too much sense. Or it could just be a
> broken assertion somewhere? My non-asserting build here works now.

llvm-git works without issues.

> In any case your issue looks like a different problem from what this bug
> was/is about (graphical corruption and VM faults with radv and CIK ASICS),
> please file a separate report for it.

It is true that it was a problem different from this bug.


Back to this bug:

Dota2 -vulkan (observer mode) is working without issues on my R9-390.

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