[Mesa-dev] Automated fuzzy testing of shader compilers - contacts in Mesa?

Nicolai Hähnle nhaehnle at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 21:26:08 UTC 2017

On 16.02.2017 18:11, Hugues Evrard wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a researcher at Imperial College London, my group is working on a
> testing framework for graphics drivers, in particular shader compilers,
> and we would like to get in touch with Mesa shader compiler developers.
> Our approach has already identified more than 50 bugs, spanning from bad
> image rendering to more severe issues like system hangs or crashes,
> across drivers of all major GPU designers (Intel, AMD...). In a
> nutshell, we use the "metamorphic testing" approach to perform fuzzing
> of GLSL shaders, and we're able to eventually produce a minimal test
> case to trigger bugs. For illustrated examples, see:
> https://medium.com/@afd_icl/crashes-hangs-and-crazy-images-by-adding-zero-689d15ce922b
> We're currently conducting experiments on Mesa drivers, and we will
> report our findings soon. I'm contacting this mailing list in advance
> since two of us are going to be in the US for the Game Dev. Conference
> at the end of the month, plus an extra week or more in March to visit
> companies (Apple, Nvidia, Qualcomm, ...). In order to make the most of
> this US journey, we would like to meet people from the Mesa shader
> compiler teams. The mesa website says that the GLSL compiler is
> contributed by Intel, is that still accurate? If so, could anyone help
> us to get in touch with this team (who is maybe reading this mailing
> list)? What about AMD?

AMD is around as well :)

I've been following your postings, and I'm happy to hear you're 
interesting in fuzzing Mesa as well. I'll send you some more details.


> Note that besides GLSL compilers, we're looking forward to extend our
> approach to other APIs like Vulkan. Any contact in companies that deal
> with shader manipulation, such as video game engines editors like Valve
> or Unity (we're already in touch with Epic Games) would also be much
> appreciated!
> Thanks in advance for your support,
> --
> Hugues Evrard
> Research Associate
> Multicore Programming Group, Imperial College London
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