[Mesa-dev] [PATCH mesa 1/5] gallium/docs: fix sublist formatting

Eric Engestrom eric.engestrom at imgtec.com
Tue Feb 21 14:15:35 UTC 2017

	src/gallium/docs/source/context.rst:95: ERROR: Unexpected indentation.

Sub lists need to be surrounded by a blank line.

Signed-off-by: Eric Engestrom <eric.engestrom at imgtec.com>
 src/gallium/docs/source/context.rst | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/src/gallium/docs/source/context.rst b/src/gallium/docs/source/context.rst
index d70e34e7aa..a053193722 100644
--- a/src/gallium/docs/source/context.rst
+++ b/src/gallium/docs/source/context.rst
@@ -91,10 +91,12 @@ objects. They all follow simple, one-method binding calls, e.g.
   blits. (Blits have their own way to pass the requisite rectangles
 * ``set_tess_state`` configures the default tessellation parameters:
   * ``default_outer_level`` is the default value for the outer tessellation
     levels. This corresponds to GL's ``PATCH_DEFAULT_OUTER_LEVEL``.
   * ``default_inner_level`` is the default value for the inner tessellation
     levels. This corresponds to GL's ``PATCH_DEFAULT_INNER_LEVEL``.
 * ``set_debug_callback`` sets the callback to be used for reporting
   various debug messages, eventually reported via KHR_debug and
   similar mechanisms.

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