[Mesa-dev] [RESEND 08/13] anv: generate anv_entrypoints.{h, c} in one command

Mauro Rossi issor.oruam at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 18:25:02 UTC 2017

> Besides this issue, also  8e03250fcf4fc5de31e92ca4919959d932888a69
> "vulkan: Combine wsi and util makefiles" requires changes/an Android.mk
> makefile
> Regarding the -o argument,
>  it is indeed essential for Android Build System that generated
> sources/headers
> module]_intermediates
> so the possibility to direct the generated files is needed,
> but at this point I'm not even sure Android Build System will not complain,
> I need to check.
> Mauro


the problem mentioned above is confirmed, due to:
e9dcb17 "vulkan/util: Add generator for enum_to_str functions"
8e03250 "vulkan: Combine wsi and util makefiles"

I will send patch in separate ML thread to fix the necessary -o OUTPUT_PATH
for this pre-exiting problem.

After that we will tackle with anv_entrypoints.{h, c} generation rules.

For Tapani, I could build mesa-dev with vulkan.mesa_intel module
and I don't see the build-id error, could you send me a PM with info?

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