[Mesa-dev] Call for community testing: OpenGL multithreading is ready

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 9 15:43:02 UTC 2017

[To Mesa, Bcc Michael]


About two weeks ago, I enabled glthread (the OpenGL multithreading wrapper
for Mesa) for a few games with these improvements on a mid-range CPU:

Alien Isolation: +60% (it varies depending on the location, increased since
Grigori's commits)
Borderlands 2: +50% (it varies depending on the location)
BioShock Infinite: +76% (benchmark)
Civilization 6: +20% (benchmark)

All you need is an updated "drirc" file in the right location.

We know there are many other games which get the massive benefit from
glthread, but not all games in the world do, and some games are hurt by it.
Therefore, the glthread enablement will be based on a whitelist in drirc,
and we would like to ask the community to help grow that whitelist.

This is not just about radeonsi. All Mesa drivers will get better
performance, because glthread is completely shared and affects all Mesa
drivers without exception. It doesn't matter if you are using a gallium or
classic driver.

Only games that are limited by CPU performance can benefit from glthread.

I would like to ask those who use Mesa regardless of the hardware driver to
test their favourite games and nominate them for the whitelist if there is
an improvement. We would like the names of apps and their executable names.
This is what the drirc entry looks like for Bioshock.

        <application name="BioShock Infinite" executable="bioshock.i386">
            <option name="mesa_glthread" value="true"/>

The first line of the entry is enough. Please send such lines for games
that get better performance from glthread to maraeo at gmail.com and I will
include them in Mesa with your name on the commit.



These are games that I would whitelist, but I don't have them nor do I have
their executable names:
- Civilization 5 (need to test first, then need the executable name)
- Borderlands: Pre-Sequel (need to test first, then need the executable
- American Truck Simulator (tested with great results, only need the
executable name)
- Euro Truck Simulator 2 (tested with great results, only need the
executable name)
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