[Mesa-dev] [RFC 00/22] DRI3 v1.1, ANV dmabuf

Daniel Stone daniels at collabora.com
Thu Jun 8 18:43:58 UTC 2017

With full support for modifiers in DRIimage, this patch series adds
support for fully plumbing them through X11. A patchset proposing
an extension to DRI3 to support multiple planes and modifiers can
be found here:

The Git trees, all of which are using the wip/2017-05/dri3-v1.1 branch,
can be found here:

  - contains support for lists of FDs, as well as the protocol itself
  - support for lists of FDs
  - what it says on the box
  - this patchset, as well as the previous to enable modifier
    import/queries on i965:
  - X server support (note: has rough edges)

This has been tested on Skylake, where it gained Y-tiling support when
running EGL, GLX, and Vulkan clients under a composited X11 environment
(and for the output of the compositor itself). CCS support also worked
as the multi-plane testbed, but I've dropped that part of the patchset
as Jason has taken it over.

Note that this currently breaks RADV: I'm not entirely sure what the
best way to get a clean transition path there is.

Most of the DRI3 work was done by Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne; the
ANV work was taken from Chad Versace's tree, rebased and bulked up
slightly to support DRI3 v1.1. Thanks also to Intel for sponsoring this


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