[Mesa-dev] [Bug 103078] MATLAB broken with mesa software rendering

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Wed Oct 4 06:48:26 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from sergio.callegari at gmail.com ---

I totally understand the difficulty in looking into an issue related to
(expensive) commercial, that - as such - is hard to reproduce.

Thanks for the suggestion, even if - on a machine that is in use - I will not
be able to do any bisection.

I'll try to work on the last point aka get more verbose information.

In any case, my intent was mostly to assure that a trace of the problem is
present on the bug tracker, in case other users run into the issue and possibly
to guide them if they need to get new hardware with the need to run Matlab on

Unfortunately the Matlab experience on Linux is sad. Not working with nouveau.
Not working with soft rendering, either. Working with its own soft rendering,
but with many limitations. Fortunately, it seems OK on intel graphics.

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