[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/55] RadeonSI Mega cleanup

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 04:07:53 UTC 2018


This mostly removes code from drivers/radeon and moves most of it into
drivers/radeonsi. There are still a few things left in drivers/radeon.

There are also some file & function renames and cleanups all over
the place.

The net decrease is ~300 lines of code.

Patch 50 might be too huge for the list, so it's here:

The whole series:

Marek Olšák (55):
      radeonsi: call CS flush functions directly whenever possible
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::check_vm_faults
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::set_atom_dirty
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::need_gfx_cs_space
      radeonsi: use num_cs_dw_queries_suspend
      radeonsi: remove unused query code
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::save_qbo_state
      radeonsi: remove r600_common_context::set_occlusion_query_state
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::rebind_buffer
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::invalidate_buffer
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::decompress_dcc
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::blit_decompress_depth
      radeonsi: rename si_need_cs_space -> si_need_gfx_cs_space
      radeonsi: rename si_begin_new_cs -> si_begin_new_gfx_cs
      radeonsi: move si_destroy_saved_cs to si_debug.c
      radeonsi: rename si_hw_context.c -> si_gfx_cs.c
      radeonsi: move EOP event code from r600_pipe_common.c to si_fence.c
      radeonsi: move DMA CS functions from r600_pipe_common.c to si_dma_cs.c
      radeonsi: move saved_cs functions from r600_pipe_common.c to si_debug.c
      radeonsi: add_to_buffer_list functions can return void
      radeonsi: make radeon_add_to_buffer_list_check_mem be gfx-only
      radeonsi: remove r600_ring::flush callback
      radeonsi: flatten / remove struct r600_ring
      radeonsi: switch r600_atom::emit parameter to si_context
      radeonsi: don't use r600_common_context in si_emit_cache_flush
      radeonsi: use r600_common_context less pt1
      radeonsi: use r600_common_context less pt2
      radeonsi: use r600_common_context less pt3
      radeonsi: use r600_common_context less pt4
      radeonsi: use r600_common_context less pt5
      radeonsi: switch radeon_add_to_buffer_list parameter to si_context
      radeonsi: update copyrights
      radeonsi: use r600_common_context less pt6
      radeonsi: use r600_common_context less pt7
      radeonsi: pass sctx to si_rebind_buffer and clean up
      radeonsi: use si_context instead of pipe_context in parameters pt1
      radeonsi: use si_context instead of pipe_context in parameters pt2
      radeonsi: use si_context instead of pipe_context in parameters pt3
      radeonsi: rename r600 -> si in some places
      radeonsi: move functions out of and remove r600_pipe_common.c
      radeonsi: move definitions out of r600_pipe_common.h
      radeonsi: rename a few R600/r600_ -> SI_/si_
      radeonsi: move and rename R600_ERR out of r600_pipe_common.h
      radeonsi: rename query definitions R600_ -> SI_
      radeonsi: move r600_cs.h contents into si_pipe.h, si_build_pm4.h
      radeonsi: move r600_query.c/h files to si_query.c/h
      radeonsi: move r600_gpu_load.c to si_gpu_load.c
      radeonsi: move r600_buffer_common.c and r600_texture.c into radeonsi
      radeonsi: remove r600_pipe_common::screen
      radeonsi: remove r600_common_context
      radeonsi: clean up GET_MAX_VIEWPORT_RANGE definition
      radeonsi: don't build libradeon.la separately
      radeonsi: try to fix meson
      radeonsi: try to fix android
      radeonsi: remove more R600 references

Please review or ack.


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