[Mesa-dev] [Bug 99730] Metro Redux game(s) needs override for midshader extension declaration

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--- Comment #6 from vadym <vadym.shovkoplias at globallogic.com> ---
Hi Euro,

Got the same issue with the Metro Last Light Redux:

: GLSL source for fragment shader 498:
: #version 400
struct vec1 {
        float x;
struct uvec1 {
        uint x;
struct ivec1 {
        int x;
subroutine void SubroutineType();
layout(std140) uniform;
layout(location = 0) out  vec4 PixOutput0;
#define Output0 PixOutput0
#ifdef GL_ARB_conservative_depth
#extension GL_ARB_conservative_depth : enable
layout (depth_greater) out float gl_FragDepth;
void main()
    Output0 = vec4(vec4(1.00000000000, 1.00000000000, 1.00000000000,
    gl_FragDepth = vec4(1.00000000000).x;

: Info Log:
0:16(1): error: #extension directive is not allowed in the middle of a shader

I didn't noticed any visual issues (but suppose it should be fixed anyway).
Last Night Redux is run with the same binary name (metro) as in case of Metro
2033 redux. So your patch fixes both cases. I re-based and tested your patch
and confirm it fixes the issue.

Can you please send the patch for review ? Or just let me know it you want me
to send it.

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