[Mesa-dev] [Bug 106187] Vulkan apps run on secondary GPU on multi-GPU system

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--- Comment #11 from sherwin at amiran.us ---
I have the same problem using DXVK, and there is a similar bug report on

It seems that there is something in the RADV driver that causes GPUs to
enumerate in reverse order as they appear on the PCIe bus.

The simplest fix that would apply to most applications would be such that
sorting of devices presented by the driver should be in the same order as
enumeration on the PCIe bus, which should respect slot number and be pretty
straightforward (if requiring a small hardware modification) for the user to

It would be even awesome-r if the device name presented could include a unique
number (preferably PCIe slot number, if not just a unique number generated when
enumerated), so that programs that presented the user with a selection could
allow for some clarity when choosing.

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