[Mesa-dev] [Bug 106394] Black Mesa cannot compile shaders because of missing GL_EXT_gpu_shader4

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--- Comment #6 from ben at besd.de <ben at besd.de> ---
While the patches allow the non-beta and beta version of Black-Mesa to start, I
still get out of memory errors for both.
The beta version does this right after you select to start a new game (in the
loading game data stage), the non-beta version only allows to select the lowest
graphics options (otherwise crashes) and then runs out of memory sometime after
you put on the hazmat suit and go down the elevators.

I had a similar effect when modifying the shaders so they would just compile
without caring whether they actually work.

So while this is a significant improvement (thanks Marek!) I think there is
still some memory leak, dont know where though system memory looks fine at
first glance.

This is the first time I got the 32-bit drivers to compile, but for comparison:
Bioshock Infinite runs fine on ultra settings.

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