[Mesa-dev] [Bug 105371] r600_shader_from_tgsi - GPR limit exceeded - shader requires 360 registers

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--- Comment #12 from amonpaike <amonpaike at gmail.com> ---

> run "apitrace trace blender"), get to the point where things go wrong in
> blender, and after it has made visible you can just close blender and then
> try to attach the resulting blender.trace file to the bug. 
> It is best to open a new bug for each issue. 
> Best, 
> Gert

I created for you a video and the apitrace of two of the scenes where bugs
appear (no shadow ESM) and (transmission on principled BSDF shader)

my video card from glxinfo is AMD TURKS (radeon hd 7670m 2gb videoram) 
(for information, the two scenes work perfectly on the other gpu Mesa DRI
Intel(R) Ivybridge Mobile -intel hd 4000) 

in the compressed file there are the two apitrace and the two blender scenes


the version of mesa I tried is not the last one, but the one when I reported
you progress on the bug (padoka ppa not updated)
bender is the last night build

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