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--- Comment #5 from efelixro at yahoo.com ---
I tried to add amdgpu.dc=0 on the kernel command line, but this does not avoid
the back screen.
The screen go black when the amdgpu driver is loaded because I can catch to see
nothing. I see bootloader only, I choose the kernel version for boot and then
back screen.
I don't know what to say but yesterday after I updated/upgraded all the
packages , the screen go back if I boot also kernel 4.17.* 
I'll try to reinstall my desktop and I'll be back with my new details. I'm
afraid I have an issue at my monitor (It's a TV).
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 Comment # 4 on bug 107698 from  Michel Dänzer Does amdgpu.dc=0 on the kernel
command line avoid the black screen?

Does the screen go black when the amdgpu driver is loaded, or only when the
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