[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v2 1/3] st/glsl_to_tgsi: move nir detection earlier - bisected

Dieter Nützel Dieter at nuetzel-hh.de
Mon Feb 5 04:04:57 UTC 2018

Am 02.02.2018 10:24, schrieb Timothy Arceri:
> On 02/02/18 19:26, Dieter Nützel wrote:
>> Hello Tim,
>> _this_ version brake UH, UV, mpv, blender 2.79 (some test files not 
>> all).
>> Must be something with the cache file(s).
> The cache currently needs to be deleted when switching between nir and
> tgsi. I'm not sure it I should try to avoid this or not ... I guess it
> will probably save some bug reports so I'll try send a follow up
> patch.

Hi Tim,

it is NOT your fault.
I tracked it down to Marek's commit commit 

/opt/mesa> git bisect bad
be973ed21f6e456ebd753f26a99151d9ea6e765c is the first bad commit
commit be973ed21f6e456ebd753f26a99151d9ea6e765c
Author: Marek Olšák <marek.olsak at amd.com>
Date:   Tue Jan 30 18:34:25 2018 +0100

     radeonsi: load the right number of components for VS inputs and TBOs

     The supported counts are 1, 2, 4. (3=4)

     The following snippet loads float, vec2, vec3, and vec4:

         buffer_load_format_x v9, v4, s[0:3], 0 idxen          ; E0002000 
         buffer_load_format_xyzw v[0:3], v5, s[8:11], 0 idxen  ; E00C2000 
         s_waitcnt vmcnt(0)                                    ; BF8C0F70
         buffer_load_format_xyzw v[2:5], v6, s[12:15], 0 idxen ; E00C2000 
         s_waitcnt vmcnt(0)                                    ; BF8C0F70
         buffer_load_format_xyzw v[5:8], v7, s[4:7], 0 idxen   ; E00C2000 

         buffer_load_format_x v10, v4, s[0:3], 0 idxen         ; E0002000 
         buffer_load_format_xy v[8:9], v5, s[8:11], 0 idxen    ; E0042000 
         buffer_load_format_xyzw v[0:3], v6, s[12:15], 0 idxen ; E00C2000 
         s_waitcnt vmcnt(0)                                    ; BF8C0F70
         buffer_load_format_xyzw v[3:6], v7, s[4:7], 0 idxen   ; E00C2000 

     Reviewed-by: Samuel Pitoiset <samuel.pitoiset at gmail.com>

:040000 040000 262b88d9e9f462b32595d6f15eddc0c6be4b997d 
cf45e1bd87a8a0e12553f6476d51a750e114ea10 M src

But can't revert it clean for the time being.
Another week, another night,...


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